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Website Development

Your presence online is important. The only limit is yourself. Start making a website of your own and be proud to showcase your products & services to potential customers. Build one now, I promise it will be remarkable.

Android Hybrid App

Boom! You don't really remember when was the last time you open the notification from Facebook, Lazada and Zalora. Because you're livin with it! Bring you idea into reality, grab their attention, be in their pocket and convert them into sales.

Booking System + FPX

Own a hotel yet you sakit hati to lower your margin because you have no choice but to register in Then make yours! Let the customer make their booking directly from your website without you have to compete and pay extra fees just to be outstanding in that saturated marketplace. Set your own rule on their booking.

Web Development Training

If you want to add more knowledge yet thinking to earn it in style, then look no further but to enroll into my web development training program. Define your preferred date to my availabilily calendar and let's rock on the program in my very own SOHO Container House. Foods may abundant.

My Creative Ventures

Being noob and staying online is not my thing. I love making wonders

Rumah Kontena

Rumah Kontena


Being the very 1st young Malaysian to erect 3-storey container..

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TubeStay @ Rumah Kontena


Glamping Accommodation business with unique village setting an..

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Tubes 2

TubeStay @ Bukit Jugra


Unique Outdoor Camping location that is safe and within reach ..

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It seems so perfect in here, but you need to know the reality

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Effazuan -

There’s a time he can be slow and not responsive to my text, but the next thing I noticed the web is completed before time.

Nadia -

Website saya cantik kan? Thanks to him sales tudung Velria meningkat dan mudah diuruskan! Good job Azree!

Azizan -

Good to work with him, we have never met each other while executing the website project. But he eventually managed to complete my rental automation website seemlessly

Self - Proclaimation

Like when you buying a phone, you love seeing this detailing right?


    I don't drink coffee to stay awake, I would rather drink tea, sleep and continue when I'm in the mood and ready

  • Almost Lost 1 friend

    Because he had to take this perfect shot not twice, but many times.

  • High Chair

    Well, hippies love this chair. I don't because I'm not that tall to lift my butt onto the seating

  • Minimalist

    Less is more